The Love Exchange Challenge

The Love Exchange Challenge

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Focus: Self-Esteem, Affirmations, Faith

It’s so funny how to actually say out loud that you will focus on yourself for 31 days seems weird. It almost seems hard. Yet, how long have you been living on this earth? Could you give yourself 31 days out of the years you’ve spent loving on others, sacrificing for others, and more? The problem is that we think it’s easier said than done when in actuality it’s not. The problem is that we put ourselves last and yet God wants us to spend time at His feet and in His presence.

  • You will commit to speaking life over yourself every morning with the Love Exchange confession of the day

  • You will commit to spending 30 minutes in God’s presence daily

  • You will commit to purging and preparing your life for the best that God has for you

  • You will commit to loving yourself consistently

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