My $500 Planner/Journal Business - Men's Version (Digital)

My $500 Planner/Journal Business - Men's Version (Digital)

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This e-book is the #1 resource for those who desire to launch their planner and journal business on a budget. This e-book will break down how you can launch your business for $500 or less. It includes a breakdown of what to purchase for the business and what to not spend money on.

This e-book includes the budget options for design, printing, and marketing for a $500 budget and what you need to do within a 6 month plan to spend your budget. It also includes strategies that you can use that are free and of no charge to help run your planner/journal business. This is the perfect investment for those who are trying to build without breaking the bank!

This men's version sports a blue, green, and black look. We offer a women's version in our store as well for women who desire to launch their journal/planner business.

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